Spiritual Laws And Lies [REVEALED]
What they don’t want you to know

Make The Single, Most Powerful Shift Conscious People Can Make to Get Unstuck & Leap Forward Into Their Dream Life

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 Learn why The Law of Attraction Is bullsh!t … and the simple truth that will help you align with your dreams faster and more effortlessly in a simpler way than ever before.
  Experience Instant Energy Shifts That Effortlessly Manifest Miracles …so you can leap forward into your dream life with confidence.
  Get what you want by speaking the universe’s hidden language … and start aligning your thoughts and words to realize that anything is possible.
 Claim your divine authority … so you can start to level up your life in ways that will seem miraculous.

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What  they’re saying

Like you, I had issues with making things manifest. I have to say I like your videos. I like how you relate through your own stories AND I totally appreciate the PDF I was able to download. I wrote notes on each video and I appreciate the information. The prayer did have me lightheaded. Honestly I was hoping and praying the prayer effects would last especially when I was out of my vortex, which was often ( especially around my husband and kids). I love how it’s noted that we ourselves have the power, not the other person and to stop with the resistance. I loved it!


I loved your videos and mp3s and will play them a lot, thought they were excellent and thank you with much love and gratitude 💜


I think you and the information you are providing is amazing! I really appreciate it and I resonate with everything you are saying.

Meet Kerri Kannan

With over 20 years teaching, coaching, speaking and studying the nature of Consciousness, Kerri is well versed in the language of Self-Love and Realization. After studying the spiritual themes for many years, in 1998, she had her first major spiritual epiphany and realized that all challenges came from a lack of Self-Love. Over the years, her focus has remained on Self-Love however, her definition of the Self has radically transformed.

Kerri has a gift that allows her to ask Consciousness for change on behalf of others and people have told her that various areas of their lives have been miraculously healed as a result of listening to her work. People have reported spontaneous physical healing, financial windfalls, healed relationships, finding love relationships and business successes beyond their expectations.

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